The Admin Team

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The Admin Team is comprised of our fabulous Nurse Pat (who has been spending her summers at Tall Timber for the last 20 years!), the Media Specialist, and Summer Secretary. This team is crucial for the functionality of camp. We are so thankful for the team’s important work!

Summer Secretary

We will hire 1 Summer secretary for the summer of 2020.

The summer secretary helps behind the scenes at Tall Timber. An enthusiastic person who has strong logistical and organizational skills, this person helps organize registration and then is the first smiling face people may interact with as their campers check in. On top of assisting with registration and closing of each week, the summer secretary assists the Assistant Director in administrative work each week, especially as the registrar. This will frequently include trips to the office at the end of our 7 mile windy road into camp for making copies, grabbing mail, and general administrative work. When it comes to the day to day running of camp, the Secretary further helps by running and maintaining the camp store while also helping with logistical planning, often coordinating shuttle lists, helping with horse bookings, and facilitating on and off-site adventure logistics. For this reason, the Summer Secretary is included within the Program Team, and when possible, assists with the general running of program when time and freedom allow. The Summer Secretary is a vital part of camp and often works behind the scenes to help make camp run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 


Media Specialist

The Media Specialist has the special role of capturing the memories of the summer. With an emphasis on videography, this position is responsible for capturing the activities of each week of Camp, staff training, and when possible off site adventure activities. Each week is a little different than the next but a comprehensive video at the end of each week of camp will be presented the last day of Camp. The video will be produced in a short format (2-3 minutes) and a long format (5-6 min). The best photos of each week will be posted to our various social media accounts and will ideally include updates during each day of camp to our blog. This is a great chance to build a portfolio and share the stories of each week of camp with campers and parents so that kids might remember what many kids look back to as the best week of their year. Visual story tellers, we need you! We hire 1 Media Specialist.


Want more information? Have any “Q’s”? Contact Sarah.