Every summer I look forward to camp. I am always excited to meet my counselor because my counselor always listens to me in a way adults don’t usually listen. Counselors are awesome and become your best friend. They are good at helping me get to breakfast on time too.
— Camper Ian

At Tall Timber, our cabin counselors are the face of camp on the “front line” of our ministry. We know that the life changing experiences that happen here are often due to conversations had in cabins, facilitated by our counselors. We strive to always have a fleet of counselors we are proud of and trust with such significant work. Come invest in yourself and your campers to make a significant positive impact in kids lives. 

Senior Counselor!

The Senior Counselors serve on and contribute to our summer staff by building and supporting community within the counseling staff, who are the face of the camp to our kids.  Tall Timber hires two seniors counselors each summer, a male and female, responsible for mentorship and supervision for their respective gendered counseling staff, of which there are 10 in total, 5 of each gender. They are expected to foster healthy Christ-centered relationships that also provide professional development.  The Senior Counselors walk side by side with the counselors and provide support (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). This also assumes that Senior Counselors will have the knowledge and expertise to handle crisis situations, in whatever forms they appear. Senior counselors will have the time each week to check in with all of the counselors, to support and guide them as well as provide feedback and criticism to help them grow and mature as both counselors and people.  In addition, Senior Counselors serve on the program team, and help to make all of the camp programs run and function. These programs include set up for camp activities, helping with special worship services, leading group games, and making announcements to our campers. We hire 2 senior counselors, 1 of each gender.

Cabin Counselor(s)

Our counselors spend the entire day every day with their cabin of campers, from waking up in the cabins in the morning to reflection and devotion times at night. The only exception to this is during our older camps when campers have the freedom of signing up for “afternoon options,” during which they rotate through the activities of their choosing. During this time, counselors are stationed at the various activity stations (ropes course, rock wall, archery course, etc.) to help facilitate this experience for the campers. Because this is such an intense and demanding job spiritually, mentally, and physically, our counselors are provided with a senior counselor to help support their journey as well as providing restful breaks. We hire 10 full time cabin counselors, 5 of each gender.


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