Food Services


The heart of the lodge

The Food Services team plays an important role in the daily functions of our kitchen. It is a fast-paced environment that has to meet three unmovable deadlines a day — Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Our Assistant Cooks will be stepping into this role that helps prepare two meals every day as well as preparing items for the next day. This prep work ensures that every meal goes out on time, and its quality is assured. Despite the kitchen being a busy place, we keep a positive and Christ-centered attitude in all that we do. The kitchen is here to provide for the needs of all who work and come to camp here by providing plentiful amounts of wholesome food. By doing so, we can remove as many physical distractions as possible and allow the true purpose of camp to come through. This position will have regularly scheduled hours every week as well as scheduled days off. This scheduling ensures that the Assistant Cooks can be well-rested and can meet the fast-pace & physical demands of working in a professional kitchen while keeping a positive Christ-centered attitude. The kitchen is the heart of the lodge. The cheerful spirits and music radiating from our kitchen crew always brightens our staffs’ day. We could be more thankful. We hire 3 Assistant Cooks.


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