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Program Director

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid

Start: May

In 2018, for 6 weeks, 36 nights, we gathered at the campfire -- the hearth and homecoming center of Tall Timber. And something electric happened, the flames of the Spirit ignited our time together, knitting youth and young adults, friends and strangers, together in ways we experienced every summer. The last night of senior high camp, standing around the campfire, 115 individuals became a heartbeat, a collective -- the church, exhaling and yelling “PRAISE THE LORD.” The mountains echoed our jubilation, the Earth vibrated with our prayer, and God, our Holy Creator, was present. The entire meadow responded with “THAT'S GOOD.” We stood there in silence, filling our lungs with new breath, and noticed our peace. Our connectivity to each other, to the vibrating mountains, the crackling fire, and the wood cross standing before us. We left the campfire in silence, held by the moment and by each other.

This is the power of reconnection. Of Creation. Of collaboration with each other and God.

This is the power of camp.

The Program Director plays a crucial role in facilitating moments like this. They breathe oxygen into the campfire and are the hands of the Mission.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application form to zachary@talltimber.org


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