Expedition Leader(s)


Into the wild. together.

This position is currently filled for the summer of 2019.

Our Expedition Leaders at Tall Timber wear the most hats of any position on staff. They serve not only as guides through a myriad of outdoor pursuits each summer, but also as camp counselor to the kids (and sometimes adults), the cook, the nurse, the Bible study teacher, the van driver, and lots more in between. Expedition Leaders run their own miniature camp each week that rotates back and forth between our regular Expeditions (Riverfest, To the Summit, Backpacking Sampler, and Leavenworth Rock) and our Service Expeditions, during which they will be leading a youth group through a combination of service projects and small scale Expeditions (see the Service Expedition page for more information). The two Expedition Leaders (one male and one female) form a small and vital team that ministers to a completely different audience than our regular summer camps do.

While the Expedition Leaders are included in our summer staff and participate in all of the staff team building and bonding that comes during staff training, they spend the most time away from the rest of summer staff, as their weeks are spent primarily off site Sunday-Friday. There is intensive training that takes place for this team on and off throughout the first 3 weeks they are here, intermingled with training that the on-site summer staff receives and hands on training in the field with the first summer groups that come in (Family Camp and Adventure Camp). The Program Director and Executive Director are responsible for this training, and will not leave the side of the Expedition Leaders until they are fully competent safely leading all offered outdoor pursuits. Although there is a lot of work and many details to cover as an Expedition Leader, the dynamic nature of the job means that it is always exciting, fresh, and an amazing environment to grow with campers of all ages in admiring and learning more about the awesome works of God in His most obvious creation, the beautiful pristine back country.


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